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                                                                               We provide a safe and clean working  environment



                                                                                                                    Welcome to ICC.                                 

Thank you for visiting our website. ICC is a major applicator of Concrete Staining and seamless/resinous floors, coatings, and wall/lining sytems. We are experts at solving flooring problems such as expansion and control joints, installing protective coatings for Chemical Contaiment areas.

We maintain a complete line of floor preparation equipment, from propane powered scarifier, to dust free shot blasting technology. With over 23 years of experience behind us, you can rest assured that the system we recommend is the most reliable and cost-effective

                                                                                                TRANSFORMING MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENTS

Any manufacturing environment must perform  / From electronic and automotive production zones through to pharmaceutical and food processing areas. FastCure products is tailored to meet the distinctive needs of any industrial workspace, employing ground-breaking technology in order to facilitate and improve productivity in the manufacturing environment

High chemical and abrasion resistance levels teamed with a seamless finish and exceptional durability ensure that the floor stands up to all the rigours of modern manufacturing processes. FastCure's adjustable anti-slip profiles guarantees safety underfoot and its high compressive strength supports heavy foot and vehicular traffic.Combined, these qualities make  FastCure  the premier choice for manufacturing environments shere speed, strength, style and safety are of utmost importance.

                                                                                            BENEFITS OF ICC FASTCURE FLOOR SYSTEMS:

  • CLEANABILITY: FastCure's supreme strength withstands rigorous cleaning regimes and its seamless finish considerably reduces the build up of dirt. Easy to clean surface.
  • SUPPORTING TRAFFIC:  FastCure's exceptional bond and compressive strength deliver a surface with takes impact, heavy pallet and forklift truck traffic in its stride
  • RESISTING CHEMICALS: FastCure' Offers exceptional resistance against the majority of cheicals used in manufacturing processis including a wide range of alkalis, acids,
  • PROMOTING PRODUCTIVITY: FastCure' creates cleaner, tidier and safer working environments improving productivity and as well as generating pride.


                                                                                                           SUPPORTING CUSTOMERS:

We have proved it and tested worldwide, that ICC comes with our customer support policy in place, from initial enquiry, through to the design and installation process. Backed by the support of a major multi-national manufacturing company and applied internationally by a network of ICC trained and approved specialist applicator, ICC is the ideal choice for your fast track transformation

                                                                                               Our Mission Statement and Goals

   Provide our clients with the highest quality product material available at most competitive price. And environment safe. We listen to our clients needs.