About Us:


                                                                                                SERVICES  WE PROVIDE


  • Shot Blasting
  • Concrete Staining
  • High-Build
  • Self-Leveling system
  • Slop-to-Drain
  • Non-slip Safety flooring
  • 1/8" - 1/4"  Trowel applied system
  • Decorative floor system
  • Vinyl Flake floor system
  • Re-coat
  • Dust-Proof coating system
  • Decorative protective Countertops


                                                                           WHY INSTALL  ICC FASTCUREFLOOR SYSTEMS:

                                               Aesthetically Pleasing to employees and for plant tours. Excellent Chemical resistant
                                                       Low odor application / Slip Resistance /Easy to Clean / Excellent

                                                                                               Floors Ready in 3 hours

 Against the  clock, fastcure is hard to beat. Ready to use just two hours after application, fastcureflooring speediest flooring solution yet delivers minimal distrubance to new build and refurbishment projects.

FastCure resin technology creates the ideal surface to transform a wide reange of environments including the retail and commercial sector, the mechanical, the chemical and the electronic goods. industries alongside food processing and preparation zones.

FastCure's hard-wearing, high-performance flooring technology is also gaining speed at some of the most prestigious landmarks, airport. curing time help to speed up refurbishment programs where time limits must be met and disruption must be challenged. FastCures capacity for installation over green concrete with a relative humidity of 100 per cent considerably accelerates construction times for new build projects.

Fastcure is not just about speed, where strength, style and performance count, fastcure adds up too seamless properties eliminate the cracking, movement and maintenance problems traditionally associated with tiles and fastcure bonds much better to the substrate than vinyl.

                                                                 Typical Applications for Commercial & Industrial use                
Cafeterias / Shower/Locker Rooms / Shop Floors /  Restaurant / Hospitals / Pharmaceutical /Animal facilities
Kitchens /  Exterior Application / Hangers / Airports
Schools / Clean room floors / Fire Stations Floors /
Retail Office / Food Preparation facilities
Aisleways/Lobbies /
Secondary Containment areas